Forensic Document Examiners Inc.

Div. Of Forensic Bureau of Investigations Inc.
"Words Are Loaded Pistols"
Jean-Paul Sartre
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E'lyn Bryan is a Certified Forensic Document Examiner and owner
of Forensic Document Examiners Inc., in addition to the Forensic
Bureau of Investigations Inc., a full service investigative firm located
in  Boca Raton, Florida since 1995.
E'lyn Bryan is a lecturer and instructor teaching the Forensic Document Examiners
course to students world wide. A member of the National Association of Document
Examiners and Certified by the National Questioned Document Association, Ms.
Bryan has been an Investigator since 1995. Ms. Bryan is a graduate of the State
University of Stony Brook, Long Island, the President of the South Florida
Investigators Association and former Director of the Advisory Counsel for the City
College in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. ( License #9600024)
Our services are available world wide. Feel free to call us or
email us for information on our full range of services!
Ms. Bryan performs Document Examinations and Investigations
for the State of Florida's Justice Administration Commission as
well as for attorneys and clients world wide.

Ms. Bryan performs investigations for the (C.J.A.) Criminal
Justice Administration for the Federal Government.
Certified Forensic Document Examiner
E'lyn Bryan.....
"Reverence for
life is the highest
court of appeal."

Albert Schweitzer